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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Online shopping is all the craze! I'm not opposed to it. In fact, it seems like almost every day, there is an Amazon package waiting at our door when I get home from work. But when it comes to CUSTOM shirts, is online really better? Is it really more convenient or cost effective?

In this blog post I take on the two main online custom shirt companies, Custom Ink and Rush Order Tees to see which one really is better. I compare each of them to what our shop offers at PrintWorksIndiana. As the person who oversees the day-to-day operations of PrintWorks in Lapel, I want to be competitive with my pricing and give my customers the best, not only in quality but also in value for their money. As such, I keep an eye out for what others charge for the same or similar products.

I decided to test out my pricing and quality using the most recent custom shirt order. What I discovered was surprising.

First up, let's see what Custom Ink offers for a Bella Canvas Triblend t-shirt, the preferred brand that we use. I put in the same information that my customer ordered, 2 shirts medium and large. I was immediately met with the prompt below, stating that there was an order minimum on 5 or more colors. I had to order 48 shirts in order to get the only 2 that I wanted! Wow!

I had to spend over $1,000 just to get 2 shirts! (At least according to Custom Ink policy) Yikes! Well I wasn't expecting that!

Now what about Rush Order Tees, How would they fare with the exact same quantity and design?

Once again, I entered the same quantity and shirt, but was surprised that Rush Order Tees didn't cover the most basic color of t-shirt, Black. So I went instead with Charcoal Black. Rush Order Tees, didn't prompted me for a minimum quantity like I was with Custom Ink. Below was what those 2 shirts would cost had I ordered them from Rush Order Tees.

Finally let's take a look at PrintWorksIndiana.

At PrintWorksIndiana for a Bella Canvas Black t-shirt with the custom print that was used in this example for Custom Ink and Rush Order Tees, it would only cost you $20 per shirt!

That's a savings of $19.24 over Rush Order Tees and a savings of $964.64 over Custom Ink! How is that possible?!

At PrintWorksIndiana we do not have a minimum quantity order for any type of shirt. You want only 1 shirt? No problem. You want 13 shirts? No problem! You want 100 shirts? No problem! Our policy is NO MINIMUMS! We also don't charge by the color like other places do- one color, 10 colors, 1,000 colors, doesn't matter. We take and embrace UNLIMITED COLORS! These two things alone set us apart from other shirt decorators and shops in our industry.

CONCLUSION: PrintWorksIndiana easily beats the online competition of Custom Ink and Rush Order Tees for printing custom shirts in options, value, price, color and quantity!

**I gave Rush Oder Tees a negative on Color Minimum because they have listed 6 colors for the design, however there are gradients and shades that would increase this number which means they would have simplified the design to 6 colors automatically.

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