From Greencastle to John Dillinger

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

The day started as any other Tuesday in the PrintWorksIndiana print shop. I come in, set my heavily caffeinated coffee on the desk, turn on the computer to check email and sit down to catch up on what may have happened in the overnight hours. Except this Tuesday, was not like any other Tuesday. No, today would be one of those days that took an unexpected twist. It would be one of those days that I could add to the list of reasons why I love my job.

John Dillinger

Since no emails needed my immediate attention, I set out to finish the canvas prints for a client in Greencastle, Indiana. I was working on measuring and stretching, stapling, and stretching and stapling some more to finish this project when a customer walked in. Now, it is not unusual to have walk-in customers, it happens everyday, but this customer was unusual. Unusual not by his appearance (he was a respectable older gentleman), but unusual in his request especially given the circumstances of recent news that John Dillinger's body would be exhumed.

Most customers I have need design services or printing services, you know, shirts, banners, signs, lettering, etc. This older gentleman though, wanted help with his book, but not just any book, this book was about John Dillinger.

Needless to say, he had my attention and I was glad to help in any way possible. The book was about John Dillinger's time in prison and the gentleman needed help with edits and scans. Definitely, a first for me, as far as requests from walk-in customers, but one that I was happy to perform.

The gentleman left and I finished with the Greencastle canvas prints and went about the rest of my day in normal fashion. But reflecting back, it's not everyday that I get asked to assist with a book about a notorious gangster, especially one that is buried so close to where I live.

What made this job part of my "why I love my job" list was the joy on the man's face when I was able to help him with his scans. It is an expression, I will not soon forget. Being able to give people joy is one of reasons I wake up to come to work. Beyond the business side of the print shop, lies a greater good in what I do that you cannot put a price on.

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