How I Increased Production By 50%

Recently I received two large orders for shirts and hoodies. In fact, it was the largest quantity of product that had ever been ordered from the shop in that short of time and with some tight deadlines. Sounds stressful huh?

At first, I was quite elated since the shop sales had been consistently growing by leaps and bound over the last two years, but then I also had a sense of "oh $&*#", how am I going to get this done?!

Sometimes the biggest blessings we can have are the mountains that we face because they cause us to look beyond what we normally do in order to achieve something remarkable.

After a few days of doing printing the way I normally would and stressing over the deadline looming largely in front of me, I tried something different in my printing procedures. And the result was that It increase my production by 50%!

As a one-man shop, I can only do so much in a day, 48 shirt prints to be exact. There is no other shifts to lean on for production, no one else to answer the phone, emails or text or greet customers, it's just me. So how did I increase production? By doing two things, pretreating as many shirts as I could at the end of the day so they could hang and dry overnight and by pretreating multiple shirts during the day, hanging them to dry while I was also printing and pretreating others and using the heat press to dry.

Now don't get me wrong, printing, drying, pretreating, hanging, repeat, does keep me hopping. But when I saw the end results of increased production and that it was repeatable, I was sold.

What are some things that have helped you increase production in your shop?

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