The Adventures of Sir Gildan and the Cardboard Cutout

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Once upon a time there stood a cardboard cutout of a beautiful damsel. She had long flowing hair and was quite striking to look at, but she, being a cardboard cutout was stuck in whatever location she was last left in. Today, she was stuck in the corner of the castle dance floor, abandoned from a previous party where, like many parties she attended, people had fun at her expense. She would stand there and hold her same pose while others took pictures and posted selfies on social media as they pretended she was something other than what she really was, a piece of cardboard. She felt used really, not having a say in who would take pictures with her. She longed to be able to change positions (although she did maintain the posture of a proper lady) and she wished for a companion who understood her plight.

Little did she know that in another land there was a dashing young prince, Sir Gildan was his name. Although he was not a cardboard cutout himself, he shared many of the same characteristics of this damsel. In fact, you could say they were a perfect match! Unlike the damsel, he was in fact alive and human, yet the family name that he bore and which also was reflected in the clothing brand he constantly wore, left him feeling like the damsel herself, stiff like cardboard and pretending to be something he was not, which was comfortable in his own clothing. He could change positions, although not very easily and the fabric always ending up chaffing his skin. He was a prince, but his garments made him feel less human. The worse part was that the longer he wore these clothes and the more they were washed, the worse it got. Other royalty in other kingdoms didn't have this problem. He didn't understand why. He longed for a companion who could understand his situation.

As fate would have it, Sir Gildan was invited to a party at the castle where the cardboard cutout damsel was located. He tried to mingle with the other royalty as best he could, but his motion was stiff and he looked more like a knight with heavy armor awkwardly moving around than a graceful prince. As a result many guests were turned off by Sir Gildan and so he ventured alone into a corner where he looked up only to see the most beautiful cardboard cutout he had ever seen.

Without saying a word it was as if they mutually understood what the other had endured their whole life. Quietly and quickly Sir Gildan grabbed the damsel and whisked her away from the castle where they lived happily ever after (although stiff and uncomfortable).

I hope you enjoyed my little story of Sir Gildan and the cardboard cutout. Obviously this is a parody in order to get the reader to understand that not all clothes are the same. The references to actual clothing brands are intentional.

At PrintWorksIndiana we want everyone to LOVE wearing the clothes they get from us. That's why we always promote retail quality, soft, comfortable apparel. If a shirt isn't enjoyable to wear, why have it? And, as the story suggests, we always try and avoid the land of Gildan for the aforementioned obvious reasons.

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